About Us

On February 19, 2012, Rome Plow Company will celebrate its 80th anniversary. Here is a little more information on how Rome was founded almost eighty years ago.


Rome Plow was founded in 1932, by Tom Mullen and his partner, Jack Lemann. Mr. Mullen, the Caterpillar dealer for Honduras in Central America, found a need for high quality tillage implements to be used in conjunction with Caterpillar tractors. To satisfy this need, Lemann and Mullen purchased the Towers and Sullivan Plow Company of Rome, Georgia. Towers and Sullivan Plow Company was established in 1877, and already had a strong name in the implement industry. The company was moved from Rome to Cedartown in 1934, where it has continually expanded its facilities and product line. The original charter of manufacturing auxiliary equipment for Caterpillar prime movers and marketing them worldwide through the Caterpillar dealer network has been maintained.


Rome Plow has long recognized and appreciated the major contribution of its employees. The old-fashioned ideas of teamwork, family hiring practices, and an "open door policy" were established a half century ago. Those principles continue to guide the company as it enters with confidence into the last quarter of a century.


Rome has been the leader in setting rugged quality standards for tillage equipment for almost eighty years. Thousands of Rome Disc Plowing Harrows are on duty the world over, simplifying the job of land preparation - in every climate, and on all types of soil.  


In March of 2010, Rome Plow was purchased by Danny and Brenda Dumey of Oran, Missouri. Danny and Brenda have successfully started several business including Dumey Contracting, Brenda Kay Construction, Brenda Kay Sand, and Double D Manufacturing.


Since the Dumey's purchased Rome Plow, the company has grown by almost 400%. In 2012, the Dumey's expanded the Rome manufacturing facility by roughly 30,000 square feet to keep up with the growing demands. As always the Rome products are produced solely here in the United States.