RP-CFB Series

Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper

For use with tractors in the 200 – 360hp range.


  • Designed for precision land forming and maintenance of field irrigation and drainage efficiency.
  • Fixed blade feature is designed specifically for achieving a smooth, precision laser finish.
  • Direct loading lets the loading pressure push the soil into the bucket.
  • Units can be used in single or tandem configurations.
  • Laser and GPS adaptable.
  • Three piece, reversible (double edge), heat treated alloy steel blade ensures durability and a long service life.
  • Large throat opening allows for problem free material ejection.
  • Low tongue-weight ratio reduces drawbar weight and lessens the weight on the tractors rear axle for improved service life.


Series RP-CFB Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper

Model Number: RP‐120CFB RP‐150CFB
Width of Cut: 12’‐0” (3.7m) 14’‐0” (4.3)
Struck Capacity: 8.6yd³ (6.6m³) 10.6yd³ (8.1m³)
Heaped Capacity: 12yd³ (9.2m³) 15yd³ (11.5m³)
Payload Heaped Capacity: 27,000 (12,247kg) 33,750 (15,286kg)
Overall Dimensions:  
Length: 22’‐2” (6.8m) 20’‐5” (6.2m)
Width: 13’‐5” (4.1m) 15’‐7” (4.8m)
Height: 5’‐10” (1.8m) 6’‐6” (1.9m)
Bowl Dimensions:  
Length: 6’‐0” (1.8m) 6’‐0” (1.8m)
Width: 12’‐0” (3.7m) 14’‐0” (4.3m)
Height: 3’‐6” (1.1m) 3’‐5’ (1.0m)
Shipping Weight: 14,600 (6623kg) 15,700 (7121kg)
Transport Clearance: 16” (406mm) 14” (356mm)
Suggested Horsepower: 200 – 250 225 – 360
Number of Tires: 4 6
Tire Size: 17.5 x 25 20.5 x 25
Floor Thickness: 2‐3/8” (60mm) 2‐3/8” (60mm)
Reversible Cutting Edges: Yes Yes
Tandem Capable: Yes Yes
Loading Type: Direct Direct
Laser/GPS Adaptable: Yes Yes
Hitch Type: Yoke Yoke
Special Tractor Drawbar: Required Required

*Engine horsepowers are suggested ranges and vary according to soil conditions and weight added to scraper.
NOTE: This scraper requires hydraulic control. Two rear tractor hydraulic circuits required for scraper operation.