RP-18E14.5 Ejector Scraper

Ejector Scraper

For use with tractors in the 360 – 600hp range


  • Designed for use in agriculture; general, road, and levee construction; site preparation; pond building; cutting and maintaining irrigation ditches; and land leveling.
  • Scraper features moving ejector to push materials over a fixed blade.
  • Low tongue-weight ratio reduces drawbar weight and lessens the weight on the tractors rear axle for improved service life.
  • Industry largest 3” (76mm) pins with replaceable bushings used throughout the implement provides improved durability in the roughest conditions.
  • Laser or GPS adaptable.
  • Optisurface compatible.
  • Available with a straight fixed blade for agricultural uses or with a staggered frost bit blade for construction type applications.
  • Heavy duty router bits with two mounting positions. Once the bits wear just lower to the second mounting position to give the bits double the life expectancy.


Series 18E14.5 Ejector Scraper

Width of Cut 14’‐6” (4.4m)
Struck Capacity 15yd³ (11.5m³)
Heaped Capacity 18yd³ (13.8m³)
Payload Heaped Capacity 52,210 (23,682kg)
Overall Dimensions Length 27’‐9” (8.4m)
Width 16’‐1” (4.9m)
Height 6’‐7” (2.0m)
Bowl Dimensions: Length 8’‐0” (2.4m)
Width 14’‐6” (4.4m)
Height 4’‐4” (1.3m)
Width Outside to Outside of Tires 14’‐6” (4.4m)
Transport Clearance 20” (508mm)
Shipping Weight 27,790 (12,605kg)


Suggested Engine Horsepower   360 – 600
Scraper Weight Distribution Tongue 25%
Wheels 75%
Number of Tires 6
Tire Size 20.5 x 25
Floor Thickness 3” (76mm)
Reversible Cutting Edges Yes
Frost Bit Optional
Tandem Ready Optional
Loading Type Direct
Laser/GPS Adaptable Yes
Laser Receiver Platform Optional
Hitch Type Yoke
Special Tractor Drawbar Required


*Engine horsepowers are suggested ranges and vary according to soil conditions and weight added to scraper.
NOTE: This scraper requires hydraulic control. Two rear tractor hydraulic circuits required for scraper operation.