Heavy Duty Ejector Scraper

For use with tractors in the 360 – 600hp range


  • Rugged 18 yd³ (13.8m³) scraper with heavy duty plate frame construction for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Cost effective way to move material when haul distance is 1000’ (305m) or less.
  • Rear cross member made from 10” (254mm) x 10” (254mm) x 3/4” (20mm) thick fabricated box section steel.
  • Spreader bar made from 14” (357mm) x 14” (357mm) x 3/4” (20mm) thick fabricated box section steel.
  • Tandem hitch capability.
  • “Slip-in” bolted spindle and hub assembly.
  • Highest quality hydraulic cylinders have ball joints on both base and rod ends for long life.
  • Push block protects scraper rear when push loading is necessary in tough loading conditions.
  • Three piece cutting edge with extended center router blade has same cutting edge and router bit as Rome R67H scraper.
  • Bottom rollers on ejector assembly with ejector top rollers and guide rails on bowl sides to support ejector.


Series RP-180HDE Heavy Duty Ejector Scraper

Width of Cut  10’-0” (3.1m)
Struck Capacity  13yd³ (9.9m³)
Heaped Capacity  18yd³ (13.8m³)
Payload Heaped Capacity  50,220 (22,779kg)
Overall Dimensions Length 29’-6” (9.0m)
Width 11’-2” (3.4m)
Height 7’-6” (2.3m)
Bowl Dimensions Height 4’-2” (1.3m)
Depth of Spread 20” (0.5m)
Depth of Cut 5” (127mm)
Width Outside to Outside of Tires   10’-6” (3.2m)
Transport Clearance   20” (508mm)


Shipping Weight  26,000 (11,793kg)
Scraper Weight Distribution Tongue 29%
Wheels: 71%
Number of Tires  2
Tire Size  29.5 x 25
Floor Thickness  3-1/2” (89mm)
Reversible Cutting Edges  Yes
Tandem Kit Available  Yes
Loading Type  Direct
Laser/GPS Adaptable  Yes
Hitch Type  Yoke
Special Tractor Drawbar  Required
Suggested Engine Horsepower  360 – 600

*Engine horsepowers are suggested ranges and vary according to soil conditions and weight added to scraper.
NOTE: This scraper requires hydraulic control. Two rear tractor hydraulic circuits required for scraper operation.