Tuff Boy Series

Tough Boy Drag (Bottomless) Scraper

For use with tractors in the 20 – 50hp range


  • Designed for moving soil, prepping yards for seeding, and leveling fields and driveways.
  • Available in 5’ (1.5m) and 6’ (1.8m) widths.
  • Computer aided design increases efficiency and performance.
  • Rigid construction insures leveling accuracy.
  • Positive cutting action.
  • TB-5 comes standard with four scarifier shanks. TB-6 comes standard with six scarifier shanks.
  • Adjustable clevis hitch keeps the scraper level with your tractor, preventing material loss and additional wear.


Series TB Tough Boy Drag (Bottomless) Scraper

Model Number Working Width ft/in (m) Overall Dimensions Suggested Engine Horseposer Net Weight lbs (kg)
Length ft/in (m) Width ft/in (m) Height ft/in (m)
TB-5 5’-0” (1.5) 8’-2” (2.5) 5’-1” (1.6) 2’-6” (0.8) 20 – 50 612 (278)
TB-6 6’-0” (1.8) 8’-2” (2.5) 6’-1” (1.9) 2’-6” (0.8) 20 – 50 735 (333)

*Engine horsepowers are suggested ranges and vary according to soil conditions and weight added to scraper.
NOTE: This scraper requires hydraulic control. One rear tractor hydraulic circuit required for scraper operation.

Standard Equipment

  • 3/8” (10mm) side plate and moldboard.
  • Two tires rated 900lbs (400kg) each.
  • Adjustable front hitch.
  • 6” (152mm) road grader blades.
  • Four scarifier shanks (model TB-5).
  • Six scarifier shanks (model TB-6).
  • Drawbar jack stand and safety chain.